The importance of sulfur

Sulfur is an essential macronutrient needed by plants to perform a variety of functions. Often referred to as the fourth major nutrient, sulfur plays a vital role in plant development and should be considered when evaluating nutrient management practices.

Sulfur availability

Historically, farmers have overlooked sulfur in their nutrient management practices due to its natural availability from rainfall. In fact, farmers rarely had to worry about adding sulfur to their fields. This changed when the U.S. clean air standards were established in 1970 and updated in 1990. Sulfur emissions from power plants, factories and automobiles significantly declined, decreasing the amount of sulfur available in the atmosphere.

The need for sulfur fertilization

Farmers now must either rely on sulfur that is already present in their fields or apply it as fertilizer. Adding sulfur to your fertilization program is much more cost effective than correcting a sulfur deficiency once it occurs. Smart Nutrition™ MAP+MST® is a great option for adding sulfur to your soil and supplying crops with some of the key nutrients they need throughout the growing season.

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