Small in size. Big on performance.

Smart Nutrition MAP+MST® delivers high-powered performance in a small particle size. Featuring both sulfur and phosphate, Smart Nutrition MAP+MST is engineered to slowly release nutrients throughout the growing season.

Empower your soil with key benefits including:

  • High performance across diverse crop, soil and environmental conditions
  • Increased nutrient availability for quicker crop uptake
  • Slow release keeps sulfur available throughout growing season
  • Safe for seeds, handling and storage

What is MST?

Micronized Sulfur Technology (MST) is a patented technology where the elemental sulfur source has been micronized, resulting in an average particle size of 15 micron. The small particle size allows for quicker elemental sulfur oxidation and increased surface area.

What is MAP+MST?

MAP+MST integrates the micronized elemental sulfur directly in the manufacturing of Mono-Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) granules. This creates a uniform distribution of MST in each granule, providing maximum soil to fertilizer contact and an increased oxidation rate for quick crop use.


How It Works


Traditional Elemental Sulfur Products


Specialty Products with Elemental Sulfur


Smart Nutrition MAP + MST Sulfur

Elemental Sulfur must be oxidized to sulfate (SO42-) before the plant can utilize it. Sulfur oxidation rates are dependent on several key factors:

Environmental and Soil Factors

  • Microbial presence
  • Soil Temperature, moisture, aeration, and soil pH

Fertilizer Factors

  • Sulfur particle size
  • Sulfur particle distribution

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