What is Smart Nutrition™?

Smart Nutrition fertilizer products use Micronized Sulfur Technology (MST®) to supply crops with sulfur throughout the growing season. MST is a patented technology where the elemental sulfur source has been micronized, resulting in an average particle size of 15 micron. The small particle size allows for quicker elemental sulfur oxidation.


Quick Elemental Sulfur Oxidation

Smaller particle size allows for faster crop uptake.


Slow Releasing

Sulfur releases throughout the growing season.


Leaching Resistance

Decreased risk of sulfur loss through leaching.


Safe for Seed

Reduced salt index for seed row safety.

Fight Sulfur Deficiencies

Sulfur is an essential nutrient needed for basic plant functions and growth. More and more growers are facing sulfur deficiencies with the decrease in sulfur deposition from acid rain. Using Smart Nutrition’s MST technology is an efficient and cost-effective way to correct a sulfur deficiency and give crops the added sulfur they need to maximize yields.

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