Webinar: Fall Application of Smart Nutrition™ MAP+MST®

Interested in fall applying Smart Nutrition™ MAP+MST®? Nutrien Senior Agronomist Dr. Cristie Preston and Marketing Representative Doug Sibbitt share the basics of Smart Nutrition MAP+MST, research trials and application recommendations in the webinar recording below.

Jump to the times below for specific topics:

About Smart Nutrition MAP+MST

0:33 – Forms of sulfur: elemental vs. sulfate sulfur

5:16 – What is Smart Nutrition MAP+MST and how it works

8:30 – Sulfur particle size

10:09 – Seed safety

10:39 – Storage and handling

Research and Application recommendations

13:24 – Corn

34:02 – Soybeans

42:24 – Wheat


50:02 – Q&A with Dr. Cristie Preston and Doug Sibbitt


Are you a CCA interested in earning CEU credit? To earn the credit, watch the entire webinar and visit this page in Smart Nutrition’s Education section to complete the quiz.

Have questions about fall application? Ask An Agronomist or contact your local rep.

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