The Top Sulfur Fertilizer Source For Seed Safety

When it comes to your farm, nothing is more important than the seed variety you choose to grow. But the decisions you make following that choice should protect that investment and contribute to a successful, high-yielding crop.

Smart Nutrition™ MAP+MST® is a new fertilizer product featuring both sulfur and phosphate that is engineered to slowly release nutrients throughout the growing season. The product was designed with seed safety in mind, whether it’s applied pre-plant broadcast or placed in the seed row.

“MAP+MST is an exciting product due to the fact that we maintain seed safety and give growers the ability to reduce the amount of fertilizer we can apply in the seed row and feed the sulfur requirements of the crops that need that nutrient,” says Marketing Representative Mitch Poiron.

Smart Nutrition MAP+MST has a lower calculated salt index (22.4) compared to MAP (25.5) and AMS (68.3). The sulfur is present as elemental–elemental sulfur is not a salt and will not go into solution– and the fertilizer has a lower percentage of nitrogen to contribute to salt index. The lower the salt index (of two materials applied at equivalent nutrient rates), the lower the risk of salt injury for the germinating seed.

In a recent crop trial by Antara Agronomy, the seed safety of Smart Nutrition MAP+MST was tested against a competitive product. The trial was done on canola because it is particularly sensitive to salt injury from seed-placed fertilizer.

“We went with [Manitoba] provincial guidelines in this particular trial for seed safety using a disc opener on 7.5-inch spacings,” says Antara Agronomy Lead Agronomist Brunel Sabourin. “We started with that as our base rate then went +15 percent and +30 percent with both products, replicated six times. We saw excellent seed safety across all treatments and rates.”

Smart Nutrition’s uniqueness is due to its lower salt index and the incorporation of micronized sulfur technology, which will help feed the crop its sulfur needs and help growers with seed safety for the crop.

Always follow application recommendations or contact your local rep for more information.

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