Farm Journal Field Days: AgriTalk With Chip Flory and Dr. Cristie Preston

Nutrien Senior Agronomist Dr. Cristie Preston recently joined Chip Flory on AgriTalk to talk about Smart Nutrition™ MAP+MST®. Press play on the recording with Chip Flory and Dr. Cristie Preston or read through the discussion below.


Smart Nutrition MAP+MST, relatively new, explain what it is, Cristie.

Smart Nutrition MAP+MST is a new fertilizer that carries a grade of 9-43-0-16 percent sulfur. And what we’ve done is we’ve incorporated sulfur into our MAP production facility.

Alright, so, MST, explain it and why that is exciting.

MST, or micronized sulfur technology, is just very fine particle sizes of elemental sulfur. By decreasing that particle size, we are able to increase the surface area and allow for quicker oxidation compared to, say other elemental sulfur sources that are available on the market. Quicker oxidation means that it’s available to the plant earlier.

What specific benefits does Smart Nutrition MAP+MST offer for seed safety? It’s so important.

Since sulfur is present in the elemental form, it doesn’t necessarily carry a charge or it’s not a salt. So, that allows for farmers to be able to apply it in furrow without fear of the salt damage that could occur with the seed. It can be applied pre-plant and incorporated before planting or applied in the seed row without fear of damaging the crop as it begins to grow.


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