Increasing corn yields with Smart Nutrition™ MAP+MST®

Analysis of all the 19 corn trials conducted with university cooperators and independent researchers in 2018 and 2019 reveals that Smart Nutrition MAP+MST increased corn yield compared to the no sulfur control and performed similarly to Ammonium Sulfate (AMS). There are many soil factors that can affect a crop’s response to sulfur application and fertilizer source. Corn yield response trials were conducted at various locations in Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Smart Nutrition MAP+MST is a high-density fertilizer, capable of supplying higher concentrations of both phosphorus and sulfur for crop production than many other products on the market with lower fertilizer volumes. A 7 percent yield (roughly 14 bushel) increase in yield over control treatments shows the value of applying sulfur MAP+MST for corn production.

Corn plants need sulfur throughout the entire growing season. Micronized elemental sulfur as Micronized Sulfur Technology (MST®) requires oxidation before becoming plant available, acting as a slow release fertilizer. Smart Nutrition MAP+MST decreases the potential for sulfur losses compared to AMS, especially during times of heavy rainfall or in coarse textured soils.

Comparable yields between Smart Nutrition MAP+MST and AMS shows that oxidation rates of MST were sufficient to match the availability of sulfur from AMS. With Smart Nutrition MAP+MST, farmers can hedge their bets on making sure the sulfur they apply to their fields is available when the plant needs it most.