Increasing canola yields with Smart Nutrition™ MAP+MSTĀ®

Nutrien has introduced its Smart Nutrition MAP+MST, a phosphorus fertilizer enriched with micronized sulfur particles to supply both P and S in a convenient, safe, homogenous granule. Sulfur is a critical nutrient for canola. Sulfur is a component of several key amino acids and is important for protein and oil development. Sulfur availability early in the season is important for high yields. Smart Nutrition MAP+MST contains micronized sulfur particles for faster sulfur oxidation and earlier plant availability than traditional elemental sulfur products. A recent study in Saskatchewan compared Smart Nutrition MAP+MST with other common sulfur products.

  • Significant response to sulfur was observed.
  • Smart Nutrition MAP+MST blended with ammonium sulfate yielded similarly to standard MAP plus ammonium sulfate at the same P and S rates.
  • Smart Nutrition MAP+MST at a somewhat lower S rate produced a significant yield increase over the 0-S control, but did not yield quite as high as AMS or the MAP-MST/AMS blend.
  • Smart Nutrition MAP+MST out-yielded a similar product, MicroEssentials S15.

Treatments were applied as side-band at planting at rates shown. 0-S control is applied as monoammonium phosphate plus urea; AMS=ammonium sulfate; MAP-MST is Smart Nutrition MAP+MST (9-43-0-16S); MAP-MST/AMS is 50% of S as MAP+MST and 50% as ammonium sulfate; MES S15 is MicroEssentials S15 (13-33-0-15S). Study conducted at Langham, SK by Down To Earth Ag Research.